Hooves on the Ground: The Definitive Satyr 5E Guide

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Physical Features: More Than Just a Pretty Face

At first glance, a satyr appears as a humanoid with the lower body, hindlegs, and tail of a goat. But their anatomy reveals an innate connection to the magic of the Feywild.

Satyrs range in height from just under 5 feet to about 6 feet tall, with lithe, slender builds. Both male and female satyrs sport petite horns protruding from their foreheads, which can take the shape of small nubs or large, curling rams’ horns. These keratin growths are black or dark brown.

A satyr’s upper body is human-like, though covered in a layer of fur matching their hair color. This fur thickens into a short coat of shaggy hair on the satyr’s lower body, extending below their knees.

Their legs end in cloven hooves, allowing satyrs to traverse rocky or uneven terrain with ease. A short tail, like that of a goat, twitches behind them—useful for communication and balance. Satyrs also have slightly pointed ears.

Hair and Fur Colors

Satyr hair ranges from brown and red to more unusual hues like green, blue, pink or purple. Their fur matches their hair color. Some satyrs have spots or stripes in their fur.


Satyr eye colors encompass the human spectrum, though more vivid shades of violet, indigo and emerald green are common. Some satyrs have eyes like goats, with rectangular pupils.

Creature Type: Fey, Not Humanoid

Unlike most PC races, satyrs are classified as fey rather than humanoids. This grants them immunity to certain effects that only target humanoids, an important distinction.

Personality and Culture: Revelry, Mischievousness, and Whimsy

Satyrs live to experience life’s pleasures. They have little regard for laws or rules, preferring personal freedom over organized society. This lends itself to a chaotic alignment.

Most satyrs form loose clans, wandering together and making temporary shelters in nature. They don’t like to settle down in one place for long. They have pantries stockpiled with food and drink in their woodland dens for impromptu feasts.

Satyrs will seize any excuse to party and revel. They love music, dancing, fine food and drink, arts and crafts, romantic trysts and general merrymaking. Holidays are a favorite excuse for indulgent celebrations that can last for days.

They delight in mischief and pranks, though rarely with cruel intent. Satyrs love seducing attractive humanoids, using magic pipes to enthrall the unwilling if necessary. Their irreverent humor and carefree attitude often cause clashes with serious individuals.

Names: As Playful as Satyrs Themselves

Satyr names tend to be short and melodious. Females often end in “a” or “i” while male names end in “us.” They bestow nicknames freely as well.

Female Names:

  • Aliki
  • Avra
  • Chara
  • Dafni
  • Eirini
  • Elpida
  • Irini
  • Kaiti
  • Lia
  • Niki
  • Tasia
  • Xeni
  • Yanna
  • Zoi

Male Names:

  • Alekos
  • Dimi
  • Filippos
  • Ilias
  • Kyriakos
  • Neofytos
  • Omiros
  • Pantelis
  • Spyro
  • Takis
  • Zenon


  • Bounder
  • Bristlechin
  • Clip-Clop
  • Dappleback
  • Hopper
  • Nobblehorn
  • Orangebeard
  • Quickfoot
  • Scrufflebutt
  • Sunbeam
  • Skiphoof
  • Twinkle-Eyes

Satyr Traits: Built for Charisma

Satyrs possess the following racial traits:

  • Ability Score Increase: +2 Charisma, +1 Dexterity. Perfect for charismatic classes.
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 35ft. Quicker than most humanoids.
  • Fey: Not a humanoid, so immune to humanoid-targeting effects.
  • Ram: 1d4+Str bludgeoning damage with their horns. Situationally useful natural weapon.
  • Magic Resistance: Advantage on saves against magic. Extremely powerful ability.
  • Mirthful Leaps: Add 1d8 to jump distances. Enhances mobility.
  • Reveler: Proficiencies in Performance, Persuasion, and one musical instrument.
  • Languages: Common, Sylvan.

Class Builds: Optimal Satyr Synergy

With their charisma-focused traits, satyrs make exceptional bards, sorcerers, warlocks and paladins. But the magic resistance trait opens up possibilities for unconventional classes too.

Bard: The quintessential satyr class. With charisma-based spellcasting and Reveler’s bonus proficiencies, they make masterful performers and enchanters.College of Eloquence, Glamour, or Lore bards are especially fitting.

Sorcerer: Another charisma caster, the sorcerer appreciates the satyr’s magical backbone. Divine Soul and Shadow Magic sorcerers can capitalize on satyr abilities.

Warlock: Again, charisma fuels their spells. With magic resistance, satyrs are unperturbed by their patron’s powers. Great Old One and Archfey patrons fit the fey theme.

Paladin: The magic resistance and mobility boost complement the paladin’s frontline role. Oath of Ancients paladins can take advantage of the satyr’s fey traits.

Wizard: Not a typical choice, but magic resistance helps protect wizards from enemy spells. Bladesingers especially appreciate the mobility.

Artificer: Another uncommon option, but resistance helps offset low HP and medium armor limits Dexterity. An Alchemist can make volatile potions.

Rogue: Skill bonuses assist Rogues, and magic resistance protects against nasty traps. Mobile Swashbucklers can become untouchable duelists.

Ranger: Favored Enemy could apply to fey, and satyr mobility assists ranged skirmishing. Gloom Stalkers operate well in dark fey forests.

Monk: Unarmored Defense needs Dexterity, and mobility boosts make hit-and-run tactics easier. Drunken Master suits the satyr’s carefree attitude.

Barbarian: Reckless Attack offsets magic resistance somewhat, but danger sense combines well. Ancestral Guardians can protect squishy satyr allies.

Roleplaying Tips: Playing a Satyr

Integrating satyr mannerisms and motivations into your roleplay can help this fey race come alive at the table. Here are some tips:

  • Indulge your impulses – don’t overthink decisions, act on your whims and desires
  • Play pranks and engage in good-natured mischief, but don’t cause lasting harm
  • Be easily distracted by moments of pleasure – feasting, drinking, music, dancing, romance
  • Disregard laws, rules and social conventions, favoring personal freedom
  • Surround yourself with beauty – wear flowers, decorate your clothes and instruments
  • Seek out new experiences, people and places with enthusiasm
  • Use humor and wit liberally; take very little seriously
  • Resist dour or stoic attitudes that dampen joy and spontaneity
  • Appreciate all of nature and its beasts, not just idyllic beauty
  • If wronged, seek reconciliation over vengeance, and forgive readily

Satyr Origins: Weaving a Backstory

When creating your satyr character, spend time developing their backstory and what shaped them. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • A clan cast out for scandalous behavior, now wandering without a home
  • A free spirit who chafed under clan rules and struck out on their own
  • A talented bard, dancer or artisan hoping to find appreciative audiences
  • A prank gone wrong that caused unintended harm, prompting soul-searching
  • Forbidden romance with a humanoid that leaves them exiled or ostracized
  • Curiosity about the world beyond the Feywild’s borders
  • Chosen by an archfey patron to act as their agent in the mortal realms
  • Drawn by prophetic dreams hinting at an important destiny

Weaving Satyrs Into Your Campaign

As a DM, satyrs make lively NPCs and memorable encounters. Here are some adventure hooks to incorporate satyrs into your game:

  • The party stumbles upon a satyr revel in the woods and gets caught up in the festivities, only to awake the next morning robbed and confused about what happened.
  • A clan of satyrs offers to share the location of a legendary archfey's grove if the characters help them prepare for an important religious festival, forcing them to keep up with energetic, prank-loving fey.
  • A satyr musician has been unfairly blamed for a local human noble's death due to being the last person seen with them. The satyr hires the party to find the real killer before they're executed for a crime they didn't commit.
  • The spirits in a nearby forest have grown angry and vengeful, causing the satyrs who tend them to become aggressive and violent rather than playful. The party must venture into the forest and uncover who, or what, provoked the spirits' wrath.
  • A satyr guide is needed to lead the adventurers through a perilous, maze-like valley that blocks the path to their destination. The roguish satyr tests their patience with incessant jokes and detours.

Satyr NPCs

Satyrs make chaotic neutral or rarely chaotic good NPCs. Here are tips for roleplaying satyr NPCs true to their fey nature:

  • Have them greet the party with music, gifts of food and wine, and invitations to dance or celebrate
  • Include whimsical touches in their clothing, instruments, and surroundings
  • Have them encourage reckless, impulsive choices and reckless behavior
  • Arm them with tricks and pranks to provoke and disorient serious characters
  • Show them becoming bored and distracted halfway through important conversations
  • Make inappropriate, flirtatious comments and wild propositions at inopportune moments
  • Have them use their pipes to charm and befuddle enemies rather than fighting directly


The satyr's blend of fey magic and unrestrained revelry opens up exciting possibilities both for PCs and NPCs that encourage leaning into the chaotic, impulsive side of your imagination.

As a PC, a satyr bard frolicking through town spreading merriment in their wake or a satyr warlock flouting their archfey patron's inscrutable demands can make for memorable dynamics and roleplay. As NPCs, satyrs challenge players to laugh in the face of danger and embrace living life to the fullest.

So whether you're a DM looking to surprise your players or a player seeking a fey race that excels in charisma-based classes, the charismatic, carefree satyrs introduced in Mythic Odysseys of Theros offer the perfect opportunity to inject some much-needed fey mischief into your next Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition session!


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