The Legendary Ring of Spell Storing: A Comprehensive Guide

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Magic rings in the world of Dungeons and Dragons hold wondrous powers beyond imagination. But few match the versatility and intrigue of the rare and legendary ring of spell storing. This guide will explore every facet of this iconic magic item – from its powers and properties to its history and use by mighty heroes and villains across the realms.

Our journey begins with an examination of how precisely this ring functions.

We'll uncover who can benefit most from employing its abilities and tactics for using the ring to its fullest potential. Next, we'll weave through tales of famous rings of spell storing, their origins, and the epic adventures they sparked. Finally, we'll unearth methods for identifying and countering these rings when their magic is unleashed against you.

So join us as we venture forth and discover the incredible capabilities of the ring of spell storing!

A Primer on the Ring's Powers

A ring of spell storing contains intricate arcane enchantments, allowing spellcasters to store their spells within for later use. When discovered, these rings often already contain 1d6-1 levels of stored spells chosen by the DM.

The process for storing new spells is straightforward. Any creature need only touch the ring while casting a spell of 1st through 5th level. The spell takes no effect except to be securely housed in the ring. A fascinating property of the ring is its capacity to hold up to 5 levels worth of spells simultaneously. For example, one could store a single 5th level spell, 5 first level spells, or some mixture like a 3rd level and two 1st level spells.

When the ring is worn, its magical bond with the attuned wearer allows them to cast any spell currently stored within. The ring's magic reproduces the original caster's spell slot, save DC, attack bonus, and overall ability to unleash the spell. In all other aspects, the spell functions precisely as if the wearer had cast it themselves. Once used, the spell departs the ring, opening room to store another.

These basic attributes already hint at intriguing possibilities, which we'll soon explore. First, let's delve deeper into precisely how this item operates.

Demystifying the Ring's Operations

The versatility of the ring of spell storing stems from its few core mechanics. First, the lack of restrictions on who can store spells in the ring means that anyone able to cast spells could potentially use it to share their magic with others. A kindly cleric may store curative magics to aide companions without such gifts. Or a cunning wizard may equip allies with spells to confound foes.

Second, the ring places no limitations on who can utilize its stored spells. Even boorish barbarians and nimble rogues can tap into its arcane reservoir and work magic. This opens up exciting new tactics for non-spellcasters, a topic we'll cover shortly.

Lastly, the ring essentially grants an additional spell slot beyond what its wearer may innately possess. Unused spells still taking up space at the day's end need not be squandered. Storing them in the ring preserves their power for the challenges ahead. You may also deliberately reserve certain situational spells like water breathing in the ring, freeing up daily preparation selections for more frequently used magics.

These unique attributes set the stage for the ring's incredible utility. Now let's explore some of the most effective tactics and uses for these properties.

Ingenious Tactics and Uses

The ring's versatility lends itself to myriad innovative tactics. Spellcasters often overlook its true potential. We will illuminate some of the most cunning and effective ways to exploit the ring's capabilities.

Allowing non-spellcasters to access spells can greatly augment their skills and defenses. A barbarian could gain enhancements like true strike and heroism without dependence on companions. Expert positioning of a lightning bolt or fireball by a rogue could decimate clumped enemies. A fighter with expeditious retreat could outmaneuver foes and control the battlefield. In one legendary tale, a dwarven warrior fell in a great battle, but his sword and ring of spell storing were passed down and used against evil for generations.

Another common tactic involves storing concentration spells. Buffs like greater invisibility and fly can be cast into the ring by one mage, then handed off to an ally to enjoy the benefits. The original caster no longer has to sustain concentration, allowing them to move freely or stack another concentration spell for greater effect. This tactic can also be used preemptively – a druid could imbue several party members with enhancements before a pivotal battle.

Situational utility spells have a place in the ring as well. Spells rarely needed but potentially life-saving like remove curse, water breathing, and protection from energy should always be kept handy. As touched on earlier, keeping unused daily spell slots stored in the ring effectively provides additional low level slots that can be retrieved anytime.

One might also store specially strengthened versions of spells by casting them using higher level slots before placing them in the ring. A wizard may cast fireball using a 4th level slot, making the fiery explosion more potent than a typical 3rd level casting. Creative magic users can also use metamagic to alter spells stored in the ring. An empowered shocking grasp or quickened ray of frost could catch foes off guard.

Counterspell is a particularly crafty spell to store. Any character able to activate the ring could potentially disrupt an enemy caster's magic. A ring bearing strategic protections like absorb elements, shield, and counterspell provides a robust insurance policy against many threats. Truly, the ring's versatility paired with imagination creates nearly endless possibilities.

Maximizing the Ring's Potential

Given the immense flexibility of the ring of spell storing, determining ideal spells to store can pose a dilemma. Let's review whom generally benefits most from the ring and intelligent spell options for their needs.

For martial classes like fighters, barbarians, rogues, and rangers, the ring offers access to spells exceeding their capabilities. Enhancements to attack, damage, mobility, defenses, and skills should take priority. Repeatable buffs like heroism and enhance ability provide lasting benefits. Reactions including shield, absorb elements, and hellish rebuke offer instant protection against attacks or trigger retribution. Utilitarian rituals like create food and water also prove handy.

Spontaneous full casters including sorcerers, bards, and warlocks have limited spells known, so the ring effectively expands their repertoire. They may store seldom used but situationally invaluable spells like greater restoration, Sending, and teleportation. Transferring unused daily slots into the ring banks more lower level slots for flexibility. Additionally, spells with costly material components like identify and augury can be stored without recurring fees.

Prepared casters like clerics, druids, and wizards have expansive spell access but more limited slots. Storing party buffs, utility spells, and healing provides additional options without tying up daily prep selections. Druids in particular benefit since altering their daily spells prepared is more rigid. Clerics and wizards preparing situational spells like planar ally, raise dead, or Legend Lore augmented by the ring's stored backup slots enables them to dedicate more daily slots toward offense or defense.

Ring Spell Ideas for Each Class

Let's briefly review some stand-out spell options to store in the ring for each class. This list is by no means exhaustive but provides a useful starting point.

  • Barbarians: heroism, longstrider, spider climb, blur, protection from energy
  • Bards: dimension door, revivify, greater restoration, locate creature, Sending
  • Clerics: raise dead, mass cure wounds, restoration, divination, planar ally
  • Druids: reincarnate, wall of thorns, wind walk, insect plague, awaken
  • Fighters: expeditious retreat, protection from arrows, magic weapon, elemental weapon, crusader's mantle
  • Monks: jump, longstrider, blur, protection from energy, water walk
  • Paladins: aura of vitality, protection from energy, magic weapon, crusader's mantle, dispel magic
  • Rangers: conjure animals, protection from energy, pass without trace, tree stride, wind wall
  • Rogues: expeditious retreat, enhance ability, invisibility, knock, levitate
  • Sorcerers: counterspell, major image, fly, greater invisibility, dimension door
  • Warlocks: blink, counterspell, hypnotic pattern, sending, thunder step
  • Wizards: shield, identify, Leomund's tiny hut, water breathing, Otiluke's resilient sphere

As evidenced by these suggestions, the ring helps shore up vulnerabilities and expand the versatility of nearly any adventurer. With an imagination, one can devise even more innovative and cunning combinations.

Crafting a Ring of Spell Storing

Forging a ring of spell storing requires attunement to the craft's intricacies, which we'll briefly summarize here. As a rare magic item, the ring's base price lies between 501 and 5,000 gp. However, the spells currently stored in the ring can multiply its worth considerably thanks to the intricate enchantments imbuing them.

Using the formula for pricing a spell scroll, each stored spell adds:

  • 50 gp for a 1st level spell
  • 100 gp for a 2nd or 3rd level spell
  • 500 gp for a 4th or 5th level spell

So a ring holding two 3rd level spells and one 1st level spell would cost between 501-5000 gp for the ring itself, plus 200 gp for the two 3rd level spells and 50 gp for the 1st level spell. The final price would likely fall between 5,750 and 10,000 gp based on the DM's discretion.

As when crafting any magic item, carefully consider your campaign world's economic factors when pricing a ring of spell storing offered for sale. Rings containing uncommon but potent spells may escalate costs drastically. Rings passed down through legendary lineages also warrant premium valuations.

History and Lore of Legendary Rings

The ring of spell storing's illustrious history stretches back countless generations. Legend tells that the first rings were gifted to mortals directly from deities. As methods for their creation eventually spread, mighty wizards and clerics forged rings bearing the most potent enchantments. Over time, tales of these mythical rings have become interwoven with epic sagas and conquests.

One such mythical ring was Zarathan's Band, forged by the legendary mage Zarathan. This gold and silver ring remained by his side through countless perilous journeys across the planes. It is said to have stored his most powerful Planar Binding enchantments for summoning celestial allies in times of dire need.

Another infamous ring containing sinister magics was Raexor's Ring. Its creator was a cult fanatic who imbued the jet black band with profane rituals of sacrifice and necromancy. Those unfortunate enough to fall victim to its deathly powers fueled Raexor's dark schemes for decades. Only through cunning deception did adventurers finally separate him from the ring and destroy his plagued followers.

Of course, most renowned are the Rings of Spell Storing bestowed upon the Fellowship of the Forsaken at their inception. Five such rings gifted to the legendary knights each bore spells specifically tailored for their skills and quests. Tales insist these rings played pivotal roles empowering the heroes to complete their epic journeys and return balance to the realms. Their magic continues protecting champions battling evil centuries later.

From deific blessings to constructions of both good and evil, spell storing rings have left indelible marks upon history. Their narratives reveal insights into harnessing the magic they contain. Even today, new rings arise bearing untold potential in the right hands.

Identifying and Countering Rings of Spell Storing

Having explored tactics for utilizing the ring's power, let's now examine methods for combatting spell storing rings when confronted by a crafty adversary.

A creature casting a spell from the ring remains subject to normal counterspelling. Since they are technically considered the caster when unleashing the stored spell, counter spell functions identically as if they had cast it directly using one of their own spell slots.

If knowledge of the specific stored spells in a ring can be acquired, tactics and protections can be tailored accordingly. Rings radiate abjuration magic if examined with detect magic. A short rest ritual allows an attuned wearer to discern all spells currently stored in their ring. Truesight conveys the radiating auras of stored spells directly. And legend lore or consultations with sages may unearth histories of notorious rings and their proclivities.

Dispel magic curiously cannot wipe away the stored spells in a ring. However, removing the ring from its wearer suppresses the bond allowing them to cast the enchanted spells. Forcibly separating a dangerous opponent from their ring cutting off access to its powers mid-combat could save lives. If time allows, casting nondetection on the ring fully blocks access to its spells without actually removing them.

For villains acquiring potent rings, barriers exist to counterfeiting their magic. Rings of spell storing zealously guard their contents, preventing efforts to directly transfer or modify stored spells. New spells can only be deposited through legitimate casting while touching the ring at time of casting. This protective measure keeps their magic out of unworthy hands.

Final Thoughts on Mastering the Ring

The road of our journey nears its end. We have mapped out the properties and enumerated tactics of the ring of spell storing for wielding its magic to profound impact. Its history of champions, villains, and legends was recalled. And methods now exist for managing its great powers turned against you.

In closing, a few key principles to bear in mind when employing this ring. Approach it creatively; combine spells and recipients that enhance capabilities beyond the expected. Use foresight when storing spells, keeping situational needs in mind and preparing for future adventures. Distribute supportive magics to allies generously, retaining offensive strikes and protections for yourself. Finally, respect spells granting influence over others responsibly, and pursue justice, not personal gain alone.

The ring of spell storing offers immense potential, but also great risks if misused for selfish domination. Merely possessing it provides no guarantees. Its true power only emerges bonding with a worthy master who commands their magic judiciously and for the good of all.


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