ForeverQuest: Online Battle Arena
A LitRPG Fantasy Novel

When a down on his luck, old-school gamer, wakes up in a daze on a foreign stage. He realizes he’s about to be forced to fight to the death in an online battle arena of Ortem’s most popular virtual reality game.

A battle where only one group can survive.

It’s life or death. There are no respawns. He has a chance to escape but realizes Ortem’s corporate goons have also caught his sister. Determined to save her life, he doesn’t run.

What’s worse, the game masters spawned him into the world with the worst race-class combination in the game—a sickly dark-elf death knight.

Still, can he find his sister and make it out of the game with her alive?

A LitRPG & Gamelit novel full of adventure, comedy, bad puns, and a hint of romance. It’s the Hunger Games if they tossed it into the blender with World of Warcraft and sprinkled it with poorly paced jokes.


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About the Author

Alex Maven is a LitRPG & Fantasy Author. I shared a gaming computer with my little brother growing up. We'd switch off playing Everquest. I traded away all my Pokemon cards to him so that he'd give me more time on the computer. I also love dogs, but live with a fat tuxedo cat.

Book Reviews

"The best thing I've read all year. I can't put into words how I felt finishing it. Incredible is a word that comes to mind but doesn't do it justice. I want more! Gimmee!"
Eric C.
"I want more Knuckles! The book kept me laughing the entire way through. A fun way to unwind after a long day."
Jack K.
"I love litrpg books but sometimes they get buried in stat counters. I want a real fun story with my gaming. This one hits all the right spots."
Hannah S.
"You won't believe the ending! Bad guys you love to hate and good guys you can really root for!"
Brenda H.
"I wasn't sure if I'd like this type of book. I never got into D&D but I was wrong. I didn't even notice that the pages kept on turning."
Chris N.
"Alex is a word wizard. He really knows how to make a story flow. You can tell he's a natural born story teller. I gobbled the book up in one sitting."
Cody S.
"And I thought I'd read every good LitRPG out there. But boy was I wrong. 5-stars! You can tell he's a real gamer."
Mike D.
"I have a very short attention span for books. They either grab me right away or they get chucked into the garbage. This one was worth it."
Ilse J.
"Couldn't put the book down. My favorite read of the year. Book has gaming mechanics that actually advance the plot."
Michael T.
"Alex has earned my attention. Anything he publishes is now an instant buy for me."
Adam C.
"The perfect book to read before bed. Puts me in a good mood and I'm never in a good mood. Ask my wife."
Derek C.
"I found the book by accident. Glad I did."
Blane H.
"I enjoyed reading this out loud to my little sister."
Kyra S.
"I had no idea how Temor was going to make it out there. A real page turner."
Jim M.
"I got caught in church reading this one on my phone. I couldn't help myself."
Carissa S.
"Faster than a roller coaster turbo-charged on caffeine."
Cindy B.
"I laughed so hard milk shot out of my nose and ruined my cereal. Great gaming references."
Chuck S.
"I'm already on my second read-through. More addicting than Ready Player One."
Jason W.